What technical fields are involved in smart substations?

In the power system, the substation is the gathering point of power transmission and distribution of the power grid. Its function is to transform voltage, exchange power, and collect and distribute electric energy. The technical fields involved in smart substations mainly include substation information collection, smart sensing, real-time monitoring, status diagnosis, adaptive/self-optimized protection, wide-area protection, coordinated control, and intelligent primary equipment in the station. The specific research content is the use of advanced technologies. Sensors, communications, information, automatic control, artificial intelligence technology, unified cross-section and non-destructive collection of grid operation data, unified establishment of real-time panoramic models of substations; research on smart grid massive real-time information applications and information system architecture technology; smart grid substation wide-area correlation , Cooperation and interaction technology; smart grid wide-area information interaction and information security protection technology; smart substation operation, maintenance and test technology; wide-area protection technology based on the wide-area synchronous measurement system (WAMS); research on smart devices using power electronic technology.