What is distribution automation and intelligent distribution automation?

Distribution automation: based on the primary grid and equipment, with the distribution automation system as the core, comprehensively utilize a variety of communication methods to realize the monitoring and control of the distribution system, and through the information integration with related application systems, the distribution Scientific management of electrical systems. Distribution automation should aim at improving power supply reliability, improving power supply quality, improving grid operation efficiency and meeting customer needs. The first stage of my country’s distribution automation is to introduce foreign automated switchgear, the second stage is to realize the SCADA (data acquisition and monitoring and control system) function of the distribution level, and the third stage is to use modern computer, network and communication technology to realize the various subsystems. Resources are shared between the two to achieve hierarchical and distributed control and protection of the power distribution system.

Intelligent distribution automation is based on the integrated system, through the expansion of the access and management functions of the distributed power of the distribution network, and the self-healing control of the distribution network on the basis of rapid simulation and early warning analysis. Optimize and improve the power supply capacity to realize the economically optimized operation of the distribution network, as well as the interconnection with other intelligent application systems to realize intelligent applications. Automation and digitization are the foundation of intelligence.