What is a smart switch and its advantages?

What is a smart switch?

Answer: The ideal smart switch consists of three parts: high-voltage equipment, sensors or controllers, and smart components (the smart components are combined in the high-voltage equipment, and the sensors and controllers can be built-in or externally placed in the high-voltage equipment body). The intelligent switch integrates all or part of the sensor, microprocessor, operation box, communication interface, etc. into the primary equipment body, integrates intelligent diagnosis and control technology, and realizes external data through optical fiber connection. The ideal intelligent switch is a switchgear that integrates the voltage and current converters and its photoelectric measurement system in the circuit breaker, and the computer-controlled secondary system, intelligent equipment and corresponding intelligent software complete the integrated switch communication intelligence.

What are the advantages of smart switches?

Answer: The advantages of smart switches are as follows:

(1) The “five-proof design” of automatic blocking in the mechanism ensures the safety of equipment and personal

(2) The closing angle is controlled according to the voltage waveform, and the tripping is controlled according to the optimal arc extinguishing time, so as to reduce the operating overvoltage and realize the reclosing.

(3) Realize online monitoring and diagnosis of equipment, and provide reference for condition maintenance.

(4) Realize on-site reclosing and other functions that can be performed locally without relying on the station control layer control system.