What is a distribution automation system?

The distribution automation system is a unified whole, including feeder automation, distribution automation, distribution management, and demand side management. The fault detection and processing of the distribution automation system is the core content of the distribution automation system. The distribution automation system is an automation system that realizes the monitoring and control of the operation of the distribution network. It refers to the use of modern electronic technology, communication technology, computer and network technology and power equipment to monitor and control the distribution network under normal and accident conditions. The work management of protection, control, metering, and power supply departments are organically integrated, with power distribution SCADA, feeder automation, grid analysis applications, and interconnection with related application systems. It is mainly composed of power distribution master stations, power distribution terminals, and substations. (Optional) It is composed of parts such as communication channels. Among them, the power distribution master station is built on a standard, general-purpose software and hardware basic platform, with reliability, availability, scalability, and security. It is the core of data processing/storage, human-machine communication, and the realization of various application functions. Basic functions such as grid data collection and monitoring, and extended functions such as grid topology analysis applications, as well as information interaction functions with other application information systems, provide technical support for distribution network dispatching, command and review management; distribution smart terminals are installed in one time The automation device at the equipment operation site can choose different types according to the specific application objects; the electronic distribution station is the intermediate device between the master station and the terminal, which is generally used for communication collection, and can also realize the regional monitoring and pulling function according to the needs; the communication channel (network) is The communication network that realizes information transmission among the main distribution station, the distribution terminal and the distribution station.