What are the content of information interaction between the distribution automation system and other systems?

The distribution automation system needs to interact with other application systems such as the upper-level dispatching automation system, power grid GIS platform, production management system PMS, marketing management information system, 95598 system and so on. The interactive content includes:

(1) Interact with the upper-level dispatching automation system with electrical one-line diagrams, network topology and equipment information, power outage information, and real-time data, historical data, and power information of the distribution network.

(2) Interact with the grid GIS platform of geographic maps, topological data, real-time data and historical data of the distribution network.

(3) Interactive distribution network real-time data and historical data with the production management system PMS.

(4) Interactive marketing data, user information, user fault information, etc., as well as real-time data, historical data, and power supply information of the distribution network with the marketing management information system.

(5) Interact user fault information and special situation information with the 95598 system.