What are the advanced application functions of smart substations?


The smart substation has the following efficient application functions:

(1) Visualization of equipment status. Collect the visual transmission of the status information of the main primary equipment (transformer, circuit breaker, etc.).
(2) Intelligent warning and analysis decision. Realize the classification and filtering of fault alarm information, conduct online real-time analysis and reasoning on the operation status of the substation, automatically report the abnormality of the substation, and put forward various troubleshooting guidance.
(3) Comprehensive analysis and decision-making of various information, and comprehensively display the results of substation fault analysis in a visual interface.
(4) Support economic operation under optimized control, comprehensively using means such as automatic voltage regulation of transformers and automatic regulation of reactive power compensation equipment.
(5) Station domain control, to realize the coordination of automatic control devices in the station (such as automatic switch-on, bus switching operation).
(6) Basically coordinate and exchange information with large users and various power sources.